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22 February 2011 @ 09:59 pm
Car crash  
I was driving along when suddenly, the road turned to pure ice. I slowed down, but the person in front of me decided to slam on their breaks and I tried tapping on my breaks, but then I spun off to the ditch. I couldn’t get out because there was so much snow, so I waited in the ditch for my dad to come and help me.

My mom called and I was talking to her when suddenly, the side of my car caved in, the window smashed and flew everyone and I was bleeding. I was in shock and gained enough common sense to call my mom back…and start screaming.

After about a minute, the lady from the other car came to see if I was okay. There was my blood on some of the glass shards out of the car and my headband flew out in the snow. It was crazy. We called 911 and then the ambulance, fire truck, police, and tow truck came. They decided to put me on the back board and I was whisked away to the hospital.

The ride in the ambulance took forever because it hurt to lie on my head. The man was really nice though and kept talking to me. The ride seriously took about an hour although Flint was only 20 minutes away. I did not understand.

When I got to the hospital, I was rushed in a room and everyone started checking my vitals. Then I was told I was going to need stitches and some shots, which was awful, but the doctor was really nice and talked to me about Jane Eyre, the Bronte sisters, and BBC. The shots for the stitches hurt me than the actual stitches.

But yeah, I get to go back in 5 days to get my stitches out.

You'd think that getting plowed into by another car on the driver’s side where you’re sitting would be terrifying.

I’ve actually thought of it before. It’s always been my fear to be in a car crash (I was in one when I was 6, but I don’t remember anything) and I’ve made up all of the scenarios. How I wouldn’t know what to do, how it’ll feel, what would happen in slow motion.

And now I’m thinking back to how it happened today.

It’s not like I thought.

Even now, I’m trying to think back to that moment and it’s just a blur.

I was just sitting there, talking on the phone to my mom and then I felt an impact on my side, the phone wasn’t in my hand anymore and when I looked to my side, the window was shattered.

How can I not even remember it? Everything after the impact is clear, but that moment is just one “bam, what happened, oh, the window’s smashed, I must have got hit…if the window’s smashed, then it must have hit me, oh, there’s blood on my face.” My mom said I was screaming and now I realize it’s because I wanted to make sure I was alive. I didn’t even know.

I have a bad feeling I will try to recreate this moment in my dreams tonight. My nurse said that I’ll be in a lot of pain tonight and although I can’t feel it right now, I have a feeling she meant it in more than one way.
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the artist formerly known as: mustache - loljk just owlkingdra on February 24th, 2011 02:27 am (UTC)
Oh yeah I read about this on your Facebook. Dang :( Hopefully you're recovering quickly and well! And that does sound really scary o.o